Today is the day that I have waited most of my adult life for….LASIK!!!! I have been wearing glasses or contact for the last 22 years. I have never seen what the world looks like first thing in the morning. I have always had a clock with the number that are at least 2 inches tall. I have been dying to have LASIK for a while and the timing was perfect to have it done on this trip back to the States. I was able to have a consult on the last visit that we had to my parents. My mom was a trooper and took me to the eye clinic and was able to watch the entire procedure. They offer you xanax but I had just had a horrible bout of a stomach bug I didn’t want to take anything that might mess with my stomach so I decided to go without. I should have know that might now be a good idea when everyone was shocked that didn’t take it. But I did it and although I was uncomfortable today I know that it was all worth it. I can already see so much better.

Good-bye old friend!


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