Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!!! We had a great day here. We went to church this morning and then hit the O-Club for brunch. I was glad that we were able to spend the afternoon together at home. The boys were able to catch up on some sleep and I could work on some sewing projects that I had underway.

Long story warning!

Today’s picture has nothing to do with Mother’s day but Jackson brought home his school work the other day and they have been learning about the continents. Last year before I had a 365 we were able to spend some time traveling. We went to Thailand and Australia for the month of October. It was so exciting and I was so glad that we were able to do that as a family. By that point Gavin had been to more countries than he was months old. ha ha!!! Anyway…Jackson often tells us stories from our travels. He will say remember when we were in Thailand and they lost our luggage. Oh yes…aren’t you glad that is what he remembers not the fact that he was able to feed an elephant a banana? Okay well I have gotten side tracked…so Jackson was learning about continents. So I pulled out the flag that he colored and asked him what this flag was and he said Australia. I was so excited that he answered me because he is going through a faze where he will always answer “I don’t know”. GREAT!!!! So after he answered Australia he started telling me a story about our trip there…it went like this…”remember when we were in Australia and we were riding in the tiny car. You rolled the window up on my fingers.” Great! Again another lovely memory of the trip. I love that he calls the car tiny…because it was TINY!!! And yes I did roll up the window on his finger. We mothers always tell them not to stick their fingers out the windows and I didn’t even know his window was down because we had just pulled into a parking garage and I rolled down his window instead of mine and I was correcting it by closing it. Oops!!!

Well if you have read this whole thing good on you. This is more so that I remember his funny stories and because my mom keeps telling me…you need to write this down.


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One Response to 128/365

  1. ostranderblog says:

    Thank goodness I’m not the only Mom to have a child who remembers all the “moments” *sighs* … how cool he got to feed an Elephant. Some day he’ll “remember” 😉

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