Today at Jackson’s school they had a special event for Mother’s day. They are calling it a moment with your special someone. I couldn’t wait to do this because I wasn’t able to do it last year with him because I was teaching. I signed up for my ten minutes and showed up and waited for the doors to open. It was so cute because they had the main doors blacked out and would come and get one mother at a time. When you walk in, you walk down the red carpet and Jackson and two of his friends came to me carrying gifts. We sat at a table set for two and the lights were dim and they had music playing in the background. Jackson carried cake on a tray for both of us. He did great and was so happy to sit with me. I enjoyed my cake and lemonade with my special some one.

You are lucky to get two pictures today. The first one I took and the second one the teacher took of us. Let’s be honest I only had 10 minutes. I would not have gotten my shot set up that quickly.



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2 Responses to 126/365

  1. kindergartenteacherclaire says:

    Kathleen, love your hair!

  2. Sandy says:

    Love this post! So glad you were able to have your special date this year! I’m sure Jackson was thrilled to be able to show you off to his friends.

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