Today was a day that I have waited for the entire time that we have been stationed here in Okinawa. Even though I have grown up around the Air Force and then married someone in the Air Force I still think that it is cool. Not many people can say that their job will take them all over the world like the Air Force. And today was a day that the squadron was having spouses incentive flights. Think about it as “take your wife to work day”. They had a great guy in the squadron walk us though what the guys go through when they are going to fly. I loved to see what he does and I have a better appreciation for his job. 🙂 Today they allowed us to fly up in the KC-135 and watch them refuel F-15’s. So exciting!!! The view from Steve’s “office” was AWESOME. Although I didn’t get to fly with Steve and see him in his element I did get to see what goes on during the flight. How many people can say that they have ever been this close to an F-15? This is the view from the boom pod. Not bad!!!


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2 Responses to 96/365

  1. Amber says:

    Hey girl! I LOOOOVE this picture! Can you email me a copy of this one to give to the pilot? Also, my hubby was flying that day, same time as this guy…do you happen to have any photos of the two seater? He was giving an incentive ride that day. THANKS!

  2. That is awesome, I have a dear friend who’s son was stationed in North Carolina, he was a F-16 pilot. My friends speaks often ,with great pride, of his son.

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