Today Steve planned a day for just the two of us. He pre-planned for us to drop the boys off with Courtney and we were going to head out to Forrest Adventure and then head up north to Okuma. Forrest Adventure was so much fun. It is a place to do a lot of zip lining, climbing ladders and some balance adventure. I did have a bunch of ungraceful endings and a bit of whiplash after we were finished. It was nice to get away to Okuma by ourselves and get to take a nap. Only parents can understand the excitement of a nap. We relaxed and enjoyed some beautiful weather. Thank you Courtney and Ian for watching the boys and thank you to Steve for planning a day just for us!


At the top of on of the platforms at the top of the last zipline…check out the view behind us!

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One Response to 92/365

  1. Misty says:

    How fun! The hubs and I did that in Mexico. Total blast.

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