Wow…okay those of you that do a 365 of yourself in every photo…my hats off to you. Today I was grasping at straws to come up with a photo idea. It is Friday we start the morning at Stroller Strides, then it is off to gymnastics, today we were able to have lunch with Steve, and then back home for nap. While it was nap time I took advantage of taking a shower with peace and quiet! The boys ended up sleeping longer than normal…I am not complaining but we didn’t have plans to leave the house in the afternoon so I didn’t fix my hair or make-up. I know, I know!!! I needed an afternoon off…it has been a BUSY week. So I didn’t want to scare everyone with what I look like when it is a bumming day.

So I digress!! Like my sister says…shoot the details!!! So today is a detail shot of my hands. My hands remind me a lot of my Mom’s. I want my boys to remember what my hands look like and I want them to remember what I do for them. These cloth diapers are everything for them. I love how green we are now at our house, I love that my garbage can no longer smells like poo, and I love that I am helping to preserve the plant one cloth diaper at a time.

ISO 3200, f/2.2, ss 1/125

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One Response to 84/365

  1. Megan says:

    I recognize that brand 🙂 I’ve been lazy and have been taking a cloth diapering break. Really should start back up again…

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