Joy of Love day 27: what they say

Anyone who has a three-year old knows what I am talking about when I say how unpredictable they are. I had a great idea of a shot that I wanted with Jackson and bubbles. Right now Jackson calls bubbles…bubbos. However, I being the cool mom that I am, bought him colored bubbles while we were in the States. Yes, I am guessing it is just paint mixed with bubble soup. I still thought it was cool and so did Jackson until the mixture started running down his hand. He does not like his hands to be sticky…covered in dirt, yes, covered in syrup or paint, NO. So he was mad the bubbles were on his hand and started throwing a fit. I told him to go inside and that we were down with being outside if that was how he was going to act. When he came in he started telling me that he wanted his Daddy. This is always what happens when mom says something that he doesn’t like. So he sat on his stool and cried. Now don’t you know that when I got my camera out to capture the fit he quit. So here he is with his I am sorry for the way that I acted…but more I am sorry that you made me come inside.

ISO 800, f/2.8, ss 1/125

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3 Responses to 58/265

  1. Carrie says:

    Oh boys! My son currently has an aversion to textures. So he probably would’ve had a similar reaction to dirt and the bubbles! Isn’t it amazing how the tears can stop so suddenly?

  2. Heather says:


  3. noreen says:

    oh those blue eyes are gorgeous!!!

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