Oh this picture makes me laugh so much.  For those of you that don’t live in Japan or have never visited here with your American children cannot imagine the screams that all of these Japanese girls had when they came across our clan.  The pitch of their voices as they yelled “kawaii” (meaning cute) was that of which dogs would answer.  The pitch would get louder as they realized there were more kiddos to see.  We were waiting in line to see this character and we were trying to tell Kate and Jackson to run on up and stand by him.  However, all the girls wanted to be in a picture with THEM.  Kate was a great sport about it but Jackson had had it with people boosting over him and touching him.  They wanted him in the picture so bad that they started yelling “candy”.  Oh geesh…you know that got him back in the picture.

These hats that all the girls are wearing are all the rage at Tokyo Disney.  When or if you are ever able to go to Tokyo Disney you will find that it is probably 90% adults and 10% children.  They love them some Disney!

ISO 400, f/7.1, ss 1/200

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