Todays Joy of Love is love to hate. I usually don’t use the word hate because it is such a strong word but the two things that I could think of that I hate would be Jackson’s nail biting and my eczema. I have been dealing with eczema since I was an infant. Most people out grow this but mine seems to be getting worse as I get older. The last year has been AWFUL. I have been covered in rashes so much that I have scratched myself until I bleed. Most of the time I do it at night and don’t even know about it. My eczema seems to be triggered my stress and my number one stress is eczema. It is an endless cycle. My husband says that I can’t keep my stress from him anymore because when he is talking to me about something that stresses me out I start to scratch. ha ha! I have finally meet a doc at the clinic that is trying to help me out. I am now on two oral meds and two steroid cremes. I have switched my shampoo to organic and vegan. I can’t believe that I have rid myself of chemicals in my soup and shampoo and after my shower I have to cover myself in steroid creme. AWESOME!!!

These are the things that I have to use daily. I can’t switch them up. I always wished that I could use the great body washes that Bath and Body Works has but I am the girl that has to smell like myself. No perfume or body splash for me. I didn’t even include the ALL free and clear detergent and non-scented dryer sheets. Oh fun! When I was packing for my trip this stuff took of so much of my suitcase. So much for packing light. I do not wish eczema on my worst enemy and I pray daily as I battle this that neither of the boys end up with it.

Things I HATE eczema but I am learning to love my skin!!!!

ISO 800, f 10, ss 1/160

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One Response to 37/365

  1. Carrie says:

    ME TOO! I’ve been cursed with eczema since childhood too! In the past two years, I started getting it on the tips of my fingers and under my fingernails. I get these little cracks on the end of my fingers so that it’s painful to do anything, including change camera settings. And as a kid, I would cry myself to sleep scratching my legs raw. I totally feel your pain!

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