Todays Joy of Love is what they wear.  As many of you know I am in the States and this daily challenge is making me step out of the box because I am having to work with what I have.  If I were at home I would take a picture of Gavin in his super cute cloth diapers or Jackson with his “Papa” shoes.  Jackson idolizes anything that Papa or Uncle Joe has.  Papa has a pair of Keens so Jackson was stoked when I got him a matching pair.  Our picture today is what we all wear, minus a pair of combat boots belonging to my DH.  These are Jackson’s new shoes that are just like Uncle Joe would wear.  Gavins boots look so tiny next to everyone elses shoes.

ISO 3200, f 3.2, ss 1/80

I am having trouble with my laptop so I was not able edit this picture so here it is SOOC.

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One Response to 36/365

  1. Courtney says:

    Clever idea for the “what they wear” theme! I love Gavin’s little shoes!

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