I decided to do willette’s the joy of love. I was thinking about what I wanted to do for the month of February . This morning as I was reading over Story of the Day she mentioned that she was doing this and I thought that what a great idea. So that is where I am for this month it is all about the joy of love. Today was what they do. I had these great ideas for a picture but as many of you moms know that things never pan out the way you want when you are dealing with kids. So during a little shoot tonight after baths I was able to catch Gavin doing what he does best…laughing and smiling. He loves his Honey and she was making him giggle while he was sitting there. I know that all moms are biased about their children but he is the best baby. I can go days without hearing him cry. He is the happiest baby and I am so blessed that God has allowed me to be his mama. So the things that Gavin does is SMILE. And that smile can make everything better.

ISO 3200, f 3.2, ss 1/125

Thank you so much to everyone for your encouraging comments. Some of you have asked what moon beams are from my Monday Me…when we were growing up our parents didn’t want us to go to bed with band-aids. They wanted all the boo-boo to dry out so they would tell us that the moon beams needed to get to the boo-boos. They would even go as far as to cracking the blinds. We were just talking about moon beams the other day when this boo- boo happened and Courtney always thought they were moon beings…YIKES…that sounds scary. I don’t want aliens coming in to cure my boo-boos. Ha Ha!!!

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6 Responses to 33/365

  1. Carrie says:

    What a happy baby! I wish I could go hours (other than when he’s sleeping) without hearing crying! Those eyes are so beautiful.

  2. Trisha says:

    Gavin! So cute & happy, I just want to squeeze him!!!
    hahaha @ Courntey, now your parents are saying, We always wondered why she was so terrified to go to bed! hahahaha
    Glad you are doing willette too & thanks for the shout out. 🙂

  3. Heather says:

    HAHAHA that moon beams (moon beings) story cracked me up! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Courtney says:

    It was scary growing up! I can’t believe you got catchlights in mom’s house! Well done!

  5. my older son was always a happy little guy, he still is. Gavin has given me a smile for the day.

  6. sewin2disney says:

    What a beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes!
    And that moon beams story is ADORABLE! I’ll have to remember that one!

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