Today we headed out to a local attraction called Okinawa World. It is many of the things that you can venture out to do in Okinawa all in one place. Pretty cool. I loved watching this man blowing glass. They were able to to make a wine glass in less than 10 minutes. I am looking forward to going out and blowing some of my own glass.

ISO 400, f 2.5, ss 1/200

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5 Responses to 15/365

  1. Keara says:

    That is really cool! I have never seen that done before.

  2. Carrie says:

    Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful piece of glass.

  3. Trisha says:

    Ah, we haven’t been there yet. You’ll have to tell me all about it. I love to watch them blow the glass as well. Hmm… maybe I’ll do that when I grow up!

  4. Courtney says:

    Were you able to buy the glass they made?? Love the action shot!

  5. Amber says:

    Can I just say that I love the crispness and focus of this photo. You did it perfectly if you ask me! The subject is sharp and the background is blurry…and you got just the right amount of the tools in focus too. Great job! This photo tells a story.

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