Today we hiked Hiji Falls and then we hit up the aquarium on our way home. To say we are tired would be an understatement. We were gone from the house for 10 hours. WOW!!! The boys were awesome and Jackson hiked the falls like a trooper. Gavin rode in my Beco carrier and thought that riding on Steve’s back was much cooler than riding on the front of me as he has in the past. It was cloudy and it started to rain on us as we were finishing so we had perfect timing. When we got to the top we were graced with this wonderful waterfall. I was excited with the way it turned out. YAY for learning a little something new with my camera.


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8 Responses to 9/365

  1. Courtney says:

    Great job! Did you take your tripod?? You guys are crazy to have done all of that in one day!

  2. Keara says:

    Beautiful! Love the effect of the slow shutter speed!

  3. Sarah P. says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. I need to move. πŸ™‚

  4. wow! gorgeous waterfall shot.

  5. esteetaris says:

    Wow! What a great picture.

  6. Amber says:

    Beautiful photo! I love it. Wow, you are SUPER brave to do the falls and the aquarium in one day. We haven’t even braved the falls by themselves yet! πŸ™‚

  7. Trisha says:

    Fantastic! Did you use take your tripod?? You should start posting your settings!

  8. Carrie says:

    Wonderful shot! I love how you captured the water falling. Woohoo.

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