Most people do a little Monday Me and I hope that I am able to start doing this. My poor children have never seen their mama in any photo unless someone else has taken them. So my goal is to take more with my remote so my kiddos know that I was around and I was cool. 🙂 Today I had to make Jackson an emergency appointment at the salon. My normal hair lady is out of town so I took him to the BX for a hair cut. Last night I cut his bangs WAY to short. I was embarrassed!  I thought long and hard about this hair cut because when his hair is just the right length he has these gorgeous curls.  His hair was getting too long and the curls were falling and he was brushing his hair of his face all day long.  So today he got his big boy haircut.  I will probably let it grow out a bit because it is cute.  I won’t have a say about his hair for much longer.

hair cut_.jpg

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8 Responses to 3/365

  1. Yikes! It looks really cute though and he seems to think so too.

  2. He looks proud as pudding with his new do! Wonderful smile.

  3. Daily Wyatt says:

    I love all the little curls on the floor. I agree I need to be in more pictures. What sad is now I am the WHOLE family’s photog. meaning in all our extended family activities I am rarely in the picture. ha.

  4. Courtney says:

    Such a little boy now!

  5. Trisha says:

    Ah bless! Love the curls on the black mat – did you save some of those?? I love that your mom said, ‘Yikes!’ hahahaha

  6. Kathleen says:

    Thanks everyone!!!

    Trisha, I didn’t keep any of the curls. Thinking about it now I wish that I had. I did however shed a tear or two.

  7. Amber says:

    Love the photo collage. It goes along great with your text and tells a great story!

  8. I posted hair today too 🙂 just started a 365 stop by if you can :0) http://flowerphotography1.blogspot.com/

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