My parents asked me the other day while we were skyping if he ever cries and most of the time he doesn’t. When he is hungry he will let me know that he is getting upset with small sounds but in the past couple of weeks if I walk out of his eye sight he will cry. So this is to let everyone know yes he cries but isn’t he still a doll when he does it?


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5 Responses to 2/365

  1. esteetaris says:

    I can not believe how much Gavin is looking like Jackson! He is such a cutie!

  2. Trisha says:

    Ah come on, that’s not even a very serious cry!!!

  3. Sarah P. says:

    You’re lucky, my boys cried all the time! I can’t tell you how many crying photos I have. 🙂 So cute.

  4. Courtney says:

    Look at that pathetic little tear!!

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