Quarterly Top 5

Well I am linking up with Courtney’s quarter link up with some of my favorites over the last couple of months.

Jackson found these glasses that I had bought and he actually let me take a couple of pictures of him.


I started Crossfit back in July and Jackson was so excited to find out that they had a kids program. This was after his first day…they flipped tires…I don’t know if he was a big fan of flipping tires but I love the look.


Look who is walking!! He is loving on the seawall and I am usually getting this look as he is running away.


I hope these two will always be best buddies. They LOVE sitting out here and watching the planes take off.


I got a new lens and today was the first day that I was able to give it a go. Oh how I love this little guy and those baby blues.


Click It Up A Notch

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This is our Okinawan pet. This one is actually on the outside of our house. We have fogged glass on the side windows. We have had them inside also and Jackson usually likes to name them. Our last one was named “cake”. They sure are noisy little creatures.


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A big happy birthday to Steve. You are a great husband and a wonderful father. We had a pretty low key birthday with hamburgers and ice cream cake. Courtney and the girls were able to come over and celebrate with us. So nice to be around family on birthdays. Don’t you know this is the best picture that we could get of the guys.


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It is the end of the day and our house has horrible lighting but Gavin sure loves his milk.


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Jackson loves his books. Every time that we go to the BX he asks to walk through the bookstore. He has really started to love his books more and more and I am loving watching him fall in love with reading.


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This little guy woke up with spots all down his legs and I thought…oh no…he has chicken pox. Nope I was wrong this poor bubba has hand, foot, and mouth. I feel so bad for him. It isn’t slowing him down at all but his poor bum is so raw.


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Jackson loves this boat that Grandma and Grandpa bought for him while we were in Ohio. We didn’t have any room left in our suitcases so we had to have it mailed to us back in Okinawa. It showed up a couple of days ago and I again waited until late in the day to take the picture. It is what it is.


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